Adapter Plates Set For Flight Stick Base


  • Compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog, VirPil, WinWing and VKB Gunfighter Stick Bases
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  • Proprietary design for SimFab and OpenWheeler flight simulator pits only. Using plates for other brands’ pits or frames may require modifications.
  • Adapter plates are compatible with the following brands and models: Thrustmaster Warthog Stick base, VirPil Stick bases, VKB Gunfighter stick base and WinWing stick bases.
  • Included are a set of plates, upper (stick base cover plate) and lower (mounting bracket side plate) and various mounting hardware.
  • Plates are made of aluminum with a powder-coated finish.
  • Suitable for users who already own OpenWheeler or SimFab flight sim pits with flight sim add-on kit configuration #2 and want to add a second stick on the left side for space sim or other purposes.