Extended Upper L bracket For Two Controls Mounted Side By Side


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FL sim config #14 (extended upper L bracket with plate) variation description

Left and right horizontal consoles fit up to 4 controls on each side of cockpit seat.

Optional extended upper L bracket is required when pair of controls are used beside each other.
Each control slot has assigned its unique reference number as illustrated in “SimFab bare-bones schematic”.

There are total of four universal adapter plates compatible for horizontal mount. Each universal plate has assigned its unique reference number as illustrated in “SimFab Universal Adapter Plates” compatibility schematics. Each plate is predrilled to accept various group of controls as illustrated and listed.

Purchasing optional extended upper L bracket assumes an already existing SimFab cockpit with one adapter plate on either side, part of default base package.

First level variation includes upper extended bracket with choice of adapter plate.

Second level of variation adds additional adapter plate. To purchase more than one upper L bracket, repeat ordering process.

All adapter plates include complete assortment of controls mounting hardware as per compatibility list.

Extended upper L bracket kit includes set of small female knobs with molded M6 nuts as an optional substitute of standard nuts. Quick release knobs allow plates “hot-swapping” without need of 10mm wrench which is never to be found in tool box. M6 female knobs require wide washers to prevent molded nut from pulling out of plastic mold upon tightening it.

Universal flight sim adapter plate #1 is compatible with following flight controls:

1. Logitech/Saitek X52, X52 Pro, X56
2. Thrustmaster T16000M stick and throttle
3. Thrustmaster HOTAS T.Flight stick and throttle
4. Thrustmaster TCA AirBus
5. Hori stick and throttle
6. CH Products stick and throttle
7. VKB Gladiator Stick
8. Turtle Beach Velocity One Stick
9. Optional mouse pad. Reach out to us for complimentary square pad to plate size.

Universal flight sim adapter plate #2 compatible with following controls:

1. Thrustmaster Warthog throttle
2. Thrustmaster TQS F16 throttle
3. Virpil throttle (plate overlaps control)
4. Virpil controls panels: #1, #2, #3 and SharKa-50
5. WinWing Orion 2 throttle
6. WinWing Pilot-Take-Off panel and Pilot-Combat-Ready Version 1 (discontinued by WinWing). Both controls mount on same plate.
7. WinWing Pilot-Take-Off Version 2
8. VKB STECS: mini, standard, max

Universal flight sim adapter plate #3 (pair of plate set) compatible with following controls:

1. Thrustmaster Warthog stick base
2. VirPil all stick bases: WarBRD-D Base, MongoosT-50CM3 Base
3. WinWing all stick bases: Orion 1, Orion 2
4. VKB Gunfighter stick base

Universal flight sim adapter plate #4 compatible with following controls:

1. Virpil all controls. Plate fits under control, without overlapping, allowing for tighter fit between multiple VirPil controls.
VirPil MongoosT-50CM3 Throttle and older versions
Virpil all control panels: #1, #2, #3, SharKa-50
2. Thrustmaster Cougar MFD bezels
3. Simgears ICP unit *fits without Simgears housing, requires special hardware upon customer request.
4. WinWing Pilot-Take-Off PTO panel and Pilot-Combat-Ready PCR Version 1 (discontinued by WinWing). Each control mounts on individual plate.
WinWing Pilot-Take-Off PTO version 2
WinWing UFC and HUD units from MIP (main instrument panel) F/A-18 Hornet panel kit with or without displays
– WinWing ICP unit F-16 Falcon
– WinWing MFD (part of MIP kit) with or without active displays
5. VKB throttle add-on system STEM
6. VESA mount patterns for generic displays: 75x75mm and 100x100mm

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nice neck pillow
Thank you for the prompt cancelation. My card was charge almost immedietely, when can I expect the refund to set in?
Item arrived on time in good condition.
Soft Construct CJSC
Soft Construct CJSC
Thanks, the item was great
Very happy with the setup, minimal flex on a TX Leather Edition. Instructions had a few parts that were slightly confusing but nothing that really hindered the process of putting it together. 5 stars for sure
Dustin H.
Dustin H.
Once I figured out that the seat slid back and the shifter could be in a more normal position, I fell in deeper love. But it is very heavy. Better to set up stationary rather than move it around like I had originally planned. :)
they packed it right in the box nice
nice seat should come with headrest other than that very nice sturdy nice seat plenty comfy regardless of some comments on seat its just right any softer it would not have that race car feel i did not want it to feel like a lazy boy chair never seen one in a race car and i have been in quite a few hats of nice job fellas except the no headrest thing this is a super nice setup rich s
Zachary R.
Zachary R.
Translation was great! Top shelf!!
Racing seat spacers arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Easy transaction. Great seller!