Rear Surround Speaker Tray Kit


  • Rear Surround Speaker Tray Kit For OpenWheeler And SimFab Sim Racing And Flight Simulator Cockpits.
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  • Product is proprietary design for SimFab and OpenWheeler cockpits, backrest mount. Modifications may be required if product is used in other brands ecosystems.
  • Package consists of round bar and either bracket mounting for speakers with mounting inserts such as Logitech or tray free standing for speakers without mounting inserts. Dual side tape strips are included to secure speakers to tray.
  • Design allows various adjustments to point speakers towards desired direction: horizontal adjustment, tilt, pan and turn. Horizontal bar is clamped on to seat backrest harness through holes.
  • All SimFab and OpenWheeler products are designed and manufactured in the USA. All SimFab and OpenWheeler metal products and parts are backed by lifetime factory warranty.

Assembly Manual

Rear Surround Speaker Tray Kit