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SimFab DCS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit


Compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog, WinWing, VirPil, VKB and Alike Controls

  • Modular Flight Simulator Pit For Combat Simulation
  • Upgradable to General Aviation, Space Sim or Sim Racing
DCS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit
DCS Edition Modular Flight Pit
DCS Edition Modular Flight Pit

Optional Add-On Modules to Flight Pit Model 2

*Certain add-ons require our Advanced Modular Side Mount kit (AMSM)

The bracket kit allows the shared mounting of multiple controls on either side of the user’s cockpit or flight pit. Individual adjustment and quick “hot swap” of controls enhance the modular concept of SimFab’s basic design.

  • Configuration #7: Stick grip extension compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog, Virpil and WinWing sticks.
  • Configuration #10: WinWing take-off/combat panel, also compatible with VirPil control panels #1 and #2 (Requires part of AMSM).
  • Configuration #11: WinWing Super Taurus throttle bracket assembly kit (Requires part of AMSM package). Universal helicopter collective bracket assembly compatible with both WinWing and VirPil collectives.
  • Configuration #12: MFDs bracket assembly. F-16 and alike (2+1) or F-18 and alike (3+1).
  • Configuration #13: Additional side-mounted control box or throttle bracket assembly kit (Requires AMSM).
  • Configuration #14: Additional stick plate assembly kit (Dual stick setup).


  • Full-size/full foam seat with sliders and recliner. The seat features our patented removable foam insert for use with the center-mounted stick or cyclic.
  • Chassis (frame) to attach stick on the right side, center-mounted stick lower mount bracket for sticks with grip extensions or cyclic, throttle on the left side, rudder pedals.
  • Complete mounting hardware and wrenches to assemble and hard mount any compatible control set specified below.
  • Color print assembly manual booklet.

Product Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 41 inches; 55 pounds.

Compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog, WinWing, VirPil, VKB and Alike Controls

  • Thrustmaster Warthog stick and throttle and respectful variant stick grips.
  • All VirPil and WinWing controls.
  • Optional brackets are required to mount collective, additional control panels, MIP, MFDs, DDIs or anything additional to base brackets, VKB gunfighter stick.

Thrustmaster TPR, TFRP, Logitech, CH Products, VirPil, VKB, MFG Crosswing, Slaw device, Turtle Beach Velocity One.