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Racing and Flight Sim Seat (Removable Foam)


  • Removable Foam Insert for Center-Mounted Flight Stick.
  • Simulator Cockpit. Sliding Rails Included.
  • Breathable Fabric.
  • Real bucket-style racing seat with a reclining mechanism.


  • Made of high-quality materials: tubular steel inner structure, cold-cured foam and breathable fabric upholstery.
  • Bottom mounting points. Ensure fitment before purchasing. Mounting pattern 345x285mm.
  • The offer includes a seat with pre-installed sliding rails and a set of assembly wrenches.
  • Capacity up to 380 lbs.
  • Race seat is a full adult size designed for racing, flight simulation, training or off-road use only.
  • Bottom mount design: only one side of the slider has a locking mechanism, and the opposite side is free sliding. Ensure your chassis has a closed seat frame. The purpose of the single locking slider design is for available space in front of the seat base for a center stick mount or other controls mounted in front of the seat base.
Racing and Flight Seat