April 9-14, 2024 | Lakeland, FL

Meet us at the 50th SUN `n FUN Aerospace Expo

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SimFab exclusively launching

Trainer Station

SimFab Trainer Station cockpit provides a realistic and hands-on learning environment. Authentic feel, aiding memory and muscle training for a seamless transition to real aircraft.

Elevate your flight simulation experience with the SimFab Trainer Station, meticulously crafted to mirror the authentic controls and ergonomics of popular aircraft models. Designed for both home enthusiasts and professional flight schools, our modular cockpit offers unparalleled realism at an affordable price point.


Focused on providing precise & exact replication of popular aircrafts with true to life controls placement in an ergonomically correct framework

UNRIVALED COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with a wide range of flight simulation controls, from premium offerings like Virtual Fly and Red Bird to entry-level options such as Honeycomb and Logitech–Saitek, our trainer station ensures seamless integration with your preferred setup.

Trainer Station Modular Cockpit

Modular Flight Sim Cockpits

DCS Edition Modular Flight Pit

SimFab DCS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit

Dedicated combat cockpit purposed for mostly DCS world modules

MSFS Edition Modular Flight Pit

SimFab MSFS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit

Dedicated to civil, general and commercial aviation sim

SimFab Hybrid Flight Sim Modular Cockpit

SimFab Hybrid Flight Sim Modular Cockpit

Ready for a combination of combat, civil aviation, and space sim gaming

SimFab Trainer Station Modular Cockpit

SimFab Trainer Station Modular Cockpit

Providing precise replication of popular aircrafts with true to life controls placement

Flight Simulation Experience Center

Bridging the gap between flight simulation & real aviation.

Presented by Flight Simulation Association and NextLevel XR.

Looking to leverage home flight simulation for personal or professional applications? Maybe you’ve heard about how flight simulation can help stay proficient between flights, or even add hours to your logbook. Or, perhaps you’d like to get into the ‘next best thing’.

Visit the Flight Simulation Experience Center, presented by the organizers of FlightSimExpo, for free, hands-on demonstrations of how flight simulation from the comfort of home can be used for training, proficiency, and fun. We’re located in the FUTURE ‘n FLIGHT PLAZA, right next to the Junior Aces at SUN ‘n FUN 2024.

Participating organizations and exhibitors in the world`s second-largest gathering include Dogfight Dynamics, Flight Velocity, FS Academy, Jetline Systems, MSI Computers, Propwash Simulation, SimFab, Thrustmaster, X-Plane, Yaw VR, and many more.

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