What Makes SimFab Unique

SimFab offers a wide range of modular flight simulation pits with high levels of fidelity, realism and immersion. All our pits, attachments and brackets are designed to replicate real aircraft layouts and take into consideration optimal comfort, modularity and full compatibility with all established brands and control makers currently on the market.

Our modular flight pits start with several basic models covering the essentials, are within most simulation enthusiasts’ budgets, and never compromise quality and craftsmanship.

Base models are suitable for flight sim pilots entering the airfield of flight simulation who want to try it without breaking the bank. Each of our models has a modular design and is scalable and interchangeable with each other. Achieve your preferred setup, whether that’s combat, general aviation, space sim or a hybrid.

Our base models are crafted for the type of flight simulation and type of flight controls, sharing similar attachment designs. Each of our three base models is scalable by purchasing individual modules. Each modular flight pit is interchangeable with one another, offered as an add-on kit.

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Home Racer LLC is US based company founded in 2010 in the state of Florida. Home Racer LLC owns OpenWheeler and SimFab brands. Home Racer LLC operates out of two locations in USA with headquarters in Boynton Beach, FL and second location in Las Vegas, NV. European location is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Home Racer LLC is still a rather small family owned and operated business. We at team HomeRacer identify ourselves as more of old fashioned gearheads driven by providing quality products and wrapped by great customer experience and service.  All our products are designed in-house, prototyped, manufactured, assembled and packaged out of our US warehouses and our EU affiliate.

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