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Introducing the SimFab Modular Flight Simulation Trainer Edition Cockpit: Your Gateway to Precision Aviation Training.

SimFab`s Trainer Station is focused on providing precise and exact replication of popular aircrafts with true to life controls placement in an ergonomically correct framework.

Trainer Station Cockpit is on the horizon and will be launching soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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DISCLAIMER: Trainer Station Cockpit is not BATD or AATD rated device and intended only for pre-FAA or post-FAA certification practice simulation device.

Introducing SimFab’s

Trainer Station Cockpit

Elevate your flight simulation experience with the SimFab Trainer Station, meticulously crafted to mirror the authentic controls and ergonomics of popular aircraft models.

Designed for both home enthusiasts and professional flight schools, our modular cockpit offers unparalleled realism at an affordable price point.

SimFab Trainer Station Cockpit
SimFab Trainer Station Cockpit

Trainer Station Cockpit Base Package

Base Package consists of: Seat, Seat frame, Rudder Pedal Plate, Yoke Adapter Plate, Throttle Control Adapter Plate, Wing Flap Control. Under Yoke: electrical switches, ignition – starter switch, parking brake handle.

Seat risers with total fixed seat height from floor to top of seat base approximately 17 inches.
*Seat foam will compress slightly upon being seated.

Alternative controls and switches brackets are available upon request.

Brunner CLS-B, Brunner CLS-E, Brunner CLS-P, Brunner CLS-E MKII, Brunner CLS-P2, Red Bird PD1, Virtual Fly Ruddo+, Thrustmaster TFPR, Thrustmaster TPR, VKB, MFG Crosswind, VirPil, Slaw, Logitech, Saitek, CH Products

Virtual Fly Throttle TQ Neo, Virtual Fly Throttle TQ6 Plus, Virtual Fly Throttle V3rnio Plus, Red Bird Throttle TH1, Red Bird Throttle TH2, Red Bird Throttle TH3

Flap switch
Ignition panel
Parking brake

Virtual Fly Yoke Yoko Neo, Virtual Fly Yoke Yoko+, Brunner Yoke CLS-E MKII, Brunner Yoke CLS-E NG, Brunner Yoke CLS-B NG, Red Bird Yoke YK1, Real Sim Gear Yoke Cirrus

Glass Cockpit Avionics Panel Add-On

SimFab Trainer Station Cockpit

Virtual Fly G1000, Real SimGear G1000, Aviatek G1000, Brunner G1000

Cessna 172/182 Center Panel Add-On

Cowl Switch, Fuel Selector, Trim Wheels

Designed to Foster Skill Development

Whether you’re a budding pilot honing your muscle memory or a seasoned aviator refining your emergency procedures, the SimFab Trainer Station is your trusted companion.

Its modular design allows for easy customization, catering to the needs of candidates preparing for FAA certification and current pilots seeking to sharpen their skills.

Unrivaled Compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of flight simulation controls, from premium offerings like Virtual Fly and Red Bird to entry-level options such as Honeycomb and Logitech–Saitek, our trainer station ensures seamless integration with your preferred setup.

Tailored to Your Preferences

The base cockpit framework comes complete with essential components such as a comfortable seat, rudder pedal plate, yoke adapter plate, and throttle control adapter plate.

For added realism, our center console replicates the layout of popular training aircraft like the Cessna172/182, while customizable options are available upon request.

Personalized Avionics Panels

Our avionics panel is pre-configured for compatibility with the Garmin G1000 navigation system, offering a seamless transition for pilots familiar with glass cockpit technology.

Customization options include touchscreen displays, steam gauges, or a hybrid combination to suit your training needs.

Built to Last

Crafted from premium materials including extruded aluminum profiles and steel tubular frames, our cockpit guarantees durability and longevity.

Adapter plates, precision-cut using CNC technology, ensure a snug fit for all compatible controls straight out of the box.

Experience the Future of Flight Simulation

With the SimFab Modular Flight Simulation Trainer Edition Cockpit, embark on a journey of immersive training and unparalleled realism.

Whether you’re chasing your dream of flight or striving for excellence in your aviation career, our cockpit is your ultimate tool for success.

The SimFab Promise

At SimFab, our focus is on creating a versatile, multi-purpose ecosystem with unlimited possibilities. All our components are meticulously designed and fabricated in-house to serve their intended purpose with excellence.

nice neck pillow
Thank you for the prompt cancelation. My card was charge almost immedietely, when can I expect the refund to set in?
Item arrived on time in good condition.
Soft Construct CJSC
Soft Construct CJSC
Thanks, the item was great
Very happy with the setup, minimal flex on a TX Leather Edition. Instructions had a few parts that were slightly confusing but nothing that really hindered the process of putting it together. 5 stars for sure
Dustin H.
Dustin H.
Once I figured out that the seat slid back and the shifter could be in a more normal position, I fell in deeper love. But it is very heavy. Better to set up stationary rather than move it around like I had originally planned. :)
they packed it right in the box nice
nice seat should come with headrest other than that very nice sturdy nice seat plenty comfy regardless of some comments on seat its just right any softer it would not have that race car feel i did not want it to feel like a lazy boy chair never seen one in a race car and i have been in quite a few hats of nice job fellas except the no headrest thing this is a super nice setup rich s
Zachary R.
Zachary R.
Translation was great! Top shelf!!
Racing seat spacers arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Easy transaction. Great seller!