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Triple Monitor Stand LD Gen2


  • For Monitors up to 100x100mm VESA Mount or 24, 27, 32, 34-39
  • Triple Monitor Stand, LD Mount Brackets


  • Mount brackets are suitable for monitors with VESA mount up to 100x100mm or M4/M5 mounting hardware.
  • Stand has been tested with various common monitor sizes, curved or flat screens such as 3×24″, 3×27″, 3×32″, 3×34″, 3×38″
  • Fully adjustable frame to achieve optimal FOV (field of view) and align all three monitors’ bezels to perfection.
  • Adjustable height, legs spread, tilt, roll, angle and distance between each monitor.
  • Fine-tune for precise alignment between center and side monitor bezels.
  • Larger TVs require our heavy-duty mounting brackets, model HD.