SimFab MSFS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit with Pimax Crystal-Sim VR Headset

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Modular Flight Simulator Cockpit For General, Civil and Commercial Aviation OR Commercial Aviation Cockpit Compatible With Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Edition Yoke in combination with Pimax Crystal-Sim VR headset.

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MSFS Modular Flight Simulator Cockpit Variation Description

Modular Flight Simulator Cockpit For General, Civil and Commercial Aviation

Seat with center cutout removable foam insert in six colors of choice, Chassis or frame to secure yoke, throttle and rudder pedals.

Seat lift kit, complete set of wrenches and various mounting hardware for direct plug and play solution right out the box.

Commercial Aviation Cockpit Compatible With Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Edition Yoke

Special mounting bracket compatible with Thrustmaster TCA Boeing edition yoke

Throttle quadrant bracket and adapter plate is the same as in standard MSFS edition cockpit, compatible with all throttle quadrant on the market such as: Thrustmaster TCA Boeing (single or dual throttle), Logitech, CH Products, Honeycomb Bravo, Turtle Beach.

Compatible Controls for SimFab MSFS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit

Compatible With Logitech, Honeycomb, Turtle Beach, CH Products yokes, throttle quadrants and rudder pedals.

Also compatible with: WinWing Skywalker, Thrustmaster TFRP, TPR, Logitech Pro Flight, CH Products, VirPil, MFG Crosswind, VKB, Slaw, Turtle Beach Velocity One controls.

Commercial Aviation Cockpit Compatible With Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Edition Yoke.

What is in the package?

SimFab MSFS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit - What is in the Box

MSFS Essential Package Includes:

Seat with removable center foam insert

4x Felt pads

Seat frame

Seat lift kit

“Easy Roll” wheel set

6x Velcro ties (cable management)

Quick release knob (attach to seat frame)

Wrench Set: Open Wrenches: 17mm, 13mm, 10mm, 7mm
Allen Keys: 8mm, 5mm

MSFS Flight Sim Modular Cockpit

Pimax Crystal-Sim Package includes:

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The SimFab Promise

At SimFab, our focus is on creating a versatile, multi-purpose ecosystem with unlimited possibilities. All our components are meticulously designed and fabricated in-house to serve their intended purpose with excellence.

nice neck pillow
Thank you for the prompt cancelation. My card was charge almost immedietely, when can I expect the refund to set in?
Item arrived on time in good condition.
Soft Construct CJSC
Soft Construct CJSC
Thanks, the item was great
Very happy with the setup, minimal flex on a TX Leather Edition. Instructions had a few parts that were slightly confusing but nothing that really hindered the process of putting it together. 5 stars for sure
Dustin H.
Dustin H.
Once I figured out that the seat slid back and the shifter could be in a more normal position, I fell in deeper love. But it is very heavy. Better to set up stationary rather than move it around like I had originally planned. :)
they packed it right in the box nice
nice seat should come with headrest other than that very nice sturdy nice seat plenty comfy regardless of some comments on seat its just right any softer it would not have that race car feel i did not want it to feel like a lazy boy chair never seen one in a race car and i have been in quite a few hats of nice job fellas except the no headrest thing this is a super nice setup rich s
Zachary R.
Zachary R.
Translation was great! Top shelf!!
Racing seat spacers arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Easy transaction. Great seller!