Flight Sim #9 Mounting Bracket Kit


  • Compatible with Thrustmaster Yoke TCA Boeing Edition (Yoke Bracket Only)
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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 4 in


  • Compatible with Thrustmaster TCA Yoke and Throttle Boeing Edition. This product is for add-on bracket kit only and does not include electronic controls (yoke, rudders, throttle) or a seat.
  • Our proprietary design is compatible with OpenWheeler and SimFab cockpits only. OpenWheeler Gen3 or SimFab MSFS, DCS and Hybrid editions are required to use said bracket kit.
  • The bracket kit is offered in two variations. 1. Yoke bracket only if you already have OpenWheeler flight sim add-on kit, configuration #5 and are looking to upgrade the yoke. 2. Complete bracket kit including all brackets to mount yoke, throttle quadrant (single or dual) and rudder pedals.
  • Yoke bracket is specifically designed to be compatible with TM TCA yoke only.
  • Throttle bracket is universally compatible with all major brands’ throttle quadrants on the market such as Logitech-Saitek, CH Products, Turtle Beach, Honeycomb and Thrustmaster. * Rudder pedal plate is compatible with all major brands’ rudder pedals such as Thrustmaster TPR, TFRP, Logitech, Turtle Beach, CH Products, VirPil, VKB, MFG Crosswind and Slaw Device.

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Flight Sim #9 Mounting Bracket Kit