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Flight Sim #2 HOTAS Side-by-Side Mount


  • Fits Thrustmaster Warthog, VirPil WarBRD, MongoosT-50CM2, VKB Gunfighter, WinWing Orion, Super Libra VirPil MongoosT-50CM3


  • Proprietary design for OpenWheeler and SimFab cockpits only!
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog, VirPil sticks, throttles and control boxes, VKB Gunfighter stick and Winwing SuperLibra stick.
  • HOTAS style side-by-side mount.
  • Controls and seat not included.



  • We just updated our plates (04/01/2021) to accommodate not only Thrustmaster Warthog stick base but also the following stick bases: VirPil WarBRD, MongoosT-50CM2, VKB Gunfighter, WinWing Super Libra. Throttle plate is predrilled to accommodate: Thrustmaster Warthog throttle, VirPil MongoosT-50CM3, VirPil button boxes (control panels). If you already have purchased your OpenWheeler Flight Sim configuration #2.

  • Total shipping weight without any accessories inside is 65-67LBS box size: 37x23x16 inches. Each added accessory can be fitted in the box.