Flight Sim #12 MFD Holder Bracket Kit


  • Compatible with Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Bezels, WinWing MIP Bezels or Active Displays, VirPil all control panels
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  • The bracket kit is an add-on and requires a base package SimFab modular flight sim pit or OpenWheeler cockpit.
  • Includes bracket kit only. Does NOT include any electronic controls.
  • Our proprietary design is only compatible with SimFab and OpenWheeler products.
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster Cougar MFD bezels and WinWing MIP kit with active displays or bezels only.
  • Includes brackets and adapter plates for F-18 setup and alike with 3 MFDs, UFC and HUD units.
  • Also compatible with an F-16 setup and alike with 2 MFDs, ICP and HUD units.

Assembly Manual

Flight Sim #12 MFD Holder Bracket Kit