Flight Sim #1 HOTAS Hybrid


Modular design with an optional add-on to side-by-side setup: stick center mount kit, rudder pedals kit. Fits Thrustmaster T.Flight One / 4, T16000M, Airbus, Logitech X56, X52, X52Pro, VKB Gladiator, CH Products, Hori




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Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 1 in
Configuration #1 HOTAS hybrid


Flight Sim add-on kit configuration #1 is compatible with the following brands and models:

  • Thrustmaster HOTAS T.Flight stick and throttle
  • Thrustmaster T16000M stick and throttle
  • Thrustmaster TCA AirBus captain or office package
  • Logitech (Saitek) X56, X52, X52Pro
  • VKB Gladiator Stick
  • CH Products stick and throttle
  • Hori stick and throttle
  • Turtle Beach Velocity One Stick

NOT Compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog (requires different plates). Plates are predrilled to accept all hard-mounted controllers.


We use metric size square tubing. Inside tube is 30x30mm 2mm thick, outside tube is 35x35mm 1.8mm thick.

What is in the package?

  • All mounting hardware and tools

Flight Sim #1 HOTAS Hybrid