Flight Sim Side Mount Configuration #2 Throttle Plate Only With Upper L bracket And Hardware


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Kit includes: Medium universal flight sim plate, upper L bracket with knobs, full set of compatible controls mounting hardware.

Kit is suitable for users looking to do quick “hot swap” between two throttles. Each throttle has its dedicated adapter plate and upper L bracket. Exchange is made by releasing pair of quick release knobs holding upper L bracket.

This kit assumes user already has default upper and lower universal L brackets with appropriate adapter plate.

To set fixed height or side adjustment, add a line by sharpy on lower L bracket, each arm.

Universal medium plate is compatible with the following controls:

Thrustmaster Warthog throttle

Virpil throttles and control panels #1, #2, #3

WinWing all Orion 1 and Orion 2 based throttles

VKB STECS standard and mini throttles

WinWing take off panel V1 and V2, and Combat ready panel V1

*VKB STECS Max throttle fits the plate without control panel support. Meaning control panel relies on factory plastic brackets connected to throttle. For full support, VKB STECS Max requires “Extended upper L bracket and additional small universal lower flight plate.